Welcome to Penny Coin Spiritual Centres

Welcome to Penny Coin Spiritual Centre, where we offer a safe haven for all seeking guidance and support. Our two spiritual Centres in Barnham and Midhurst, West Sussex, provide a nurturing environment for spiritual growth and healing.

Experience mediumship, crystal ball and psychic readings. 

We offer Healing with Sound Bath Healing, Meditation, and Spiritual Healing at Penny Coin. Join us on your spiritual journey towards inner peace, clarity, and connection. Come explore the depths of your soul in a welcoming and inclusive space.

Discover Your True Path

At Penny Coin Spiritual Centres, we believe in the innate power of intuition and spiritual connection to guide individuals towards their true path. Our psychic readings, and spiritual healing sessions are tailored to provide insightful guidance that resonates with your unique needs.

Ready to embark on a journey of self-discovery ?

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